Save Yourself Some Hassle By Taking Advantage Of These Pharmacy Services During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way people are doing almost everything. You probably don't want to visit your doctor's office unless you absolutely have to, and many doctors are not even seeing patients for non-urgent issues. Add the social distancing requirements on top of that, and life gets complicated. Luckily, your pharmacist likely offers some services that can make life easier for you during this challenging time. Here are some convenient pharmacy services you might not know about.

1. Blood Pressure Measurements

Although pharmacists are not medical doctors, they do have some basic training when it comes to taking heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs. Most pharmacists will take your blood pressure without a charge if you walk in and ask. If you are someone with a blood pressure disorder and you're wondering whether the methods you've been using to lower your blood pressure are effective, this is a safer way to get professionally tested than visiting a hospital or doctor's office. Your pharmacist may even be able to contact your doctor directly and pass on your blood pressure reading so your doctor can better track your progress.

2. OTC Medications

Are you visiting store after store, looking for basic OTC meds like ibuprofen or aspirin? It's amazing what people have decided to hoard during this pandemic. Ask the pharmacist at a local drugstore if they have the medication you're looking for behind the counter. They often have the same meds and will distribute what you need upon request, although you might pay a little more for this service. They may also be able to take down your name and call you directly when what you're looking for is back in stock.

3. Help With Injections

Were you sent home from your doctor's office with an injectable medication? Perhaps you would normally visit your doctor to have this medication injected in their office, but that service is not available during the pandemic. Some patients are able to self-inject, but others find it tough. If you are not confident injecting yourself, visit a local pharmacy. A pharmacist will often be willing to give you the injection. They are trained to give injections since they are often called on to give vaccinations like the flu vaccine.

The COVID-19 outbreak is making many aspects of life difficult, but your local pharmacist can help. Rely on them for blood pressure readings, injections, and OTC meds.

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