Tired of Wearing Glasses or Contacts? Talk to an Eye Doctor about LASIK

If you are nearsighted and wear glasses or contacts, you may wish you could go without your glasses and still see. If so, talk to an eye doctor about having LASIK surgery on your eyes. This eye surgery is usually effective at treating nearsightedness, especially in cases that aren't too advanced. Here are some reasons to consider having this laser eye surgery.

You May Be Free from Glasses and Contacts

Not having to wear glasses is one of the main benefits of having LASIK surgery. During this surgery, the eye doctor preps your eyes and then uses a computerized laser to reshape your cornea. If nearsightedness is your only eye condition, you may not need to wear glasses to have excellent far vision. Plus, the effects of laser surgery are permanent.

However, as you age, your eyes can still change when it comes to developing presbyopia. You may need to wear reading glasses when you're older if you start to lose your near vision.

Being able to give up glasses means you can play sports without worry over breaking glasses. Plus, you'll avoid the annoyance of glasses slipping down your nose when you're sweating, or putting down your glasses and forgetting where they are.

If you wear mostly contacts instead of glasses, you might be able to give those up too. That can save time and money over the years and spare you having to hunt for dropped contacts.

LASIK Is Quick and Easy

LASIK can make a big difference in your vision, and the procedure only takes several minutes and it's easy to endure. Your eyes will be numbed so you don't have any discomfort. You may not even need stitches, so you'll be able to go about many of your usual activities the next day.

The surgery is done in an eye clinic as an outpatient while you recline in the surgical chair. Your eyelids are held open so you don't have to do anything but relax and follow the eye doctor's instructions on where to focus your eyes.

Recovery is usually fast and not difficult to go through. You should avoid rubbing your eyes, and you'll want to follow the post-op instructions given by your eye doctor concerning protecting your eyes from sweat, and when you can resume things like playing sports.

Your Vision Could Improve Quickly

You may notice improved vision quite soon after you have the surgery. Your far vision may be noticeably better the next day, but it could take several weeks for your eyes to heal completely and for you to see the final results to your nearsightedness correction. Learn more about whether LASIK could help by contacting an optometrist. 

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