Can I Use Both PRP And Stem Cell Therapy?

Your body is able to heal because of platelets found in your blood that play a role in scab formation. Typically, platelets only make up a small percentage of the blood that is found in your body. However, with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), as much as 90% of your blood is made up of platelets. PRP can be used as a form of therapy in addition to stem cell therapy.

Effects of PRP

PRP is filled with nutrients and water. When injected into the body, it releases cytokines and growth factors. This stimulates healing in the body, unlike with stem cell therapy. 

The Creation of PRP

With PRP therapy, blood is taken and spun in a centrifuge to create a sample that is full of platelets. The sample is then injected into the body at the site of the pain. Because the concentration of platelets is much higher, this can be used to treat an area of the body that has suffered an injury. It is considered a regenerative form of therapy that shows promise, like stem cell therapy, but with less risk.

The Role of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is used to create new solutions for healing challenges. It's primarily for when there is tissue that would otherwise not heal. With stem cell therapy, the body is able to begin healing again. 

Stem cells are found throughout the body ad play an important role in healing. The stem cells are used to substitute damaged cells so that the body can heal. However, as the body becomes older, the number of stem cells available begins to decline. As a result, a patient might benefit from having supplementary stem cells injected into the body. This leads to cell replacement and natural healing. Those who are experiencing pain might feel pain relief as a result of the treatment.

What to Expect

Stem cell therapy is a simple procedure that only requires a few minutes. The procedure does not require surgery. You can experience a complete restoration in damaged tendons, ligaments, and cartilage with no side effects.

Because stem cell therapy and PRP therapy treat different areas of the body, they can be used together. While stem cells can be used, stem cell treatments are not as advanced yet because scientists have still not identified all stem cells successfully. The process of preparing stem cells is also much more complex than PRP injections

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