Treatment Options For Low Levels Of Testosterone

Low testosterone treatment comes in various forms. Below are some of the popular options your doctor might prescribe.

Skin Patch

The skin patch is a concentration of testosterone that you stick to your skin. The patch releases small amounts of the hormone into your body. According to, there are a few things to note about the treatment:

  • You should apply it around the same time every day
  • Avoid oily, hairy, or moist areas (such as the pubic or armpit areas) where the patch might not stick properly
  • Apply the patch at night
  • Choose a different spot every night

Skin patches are only useful for low levels of testosterone that result from certain medical conditions, such as disorders of the pituitary gland. The treatment would not help you, for example, if your low testosterone level is due to aging. Thus, you need a diagnosis of your low testosterone before using the skin patch treatment.


Testosterone injections deliver the hormone directly into your body via your muscles. You can get the injections at the doctor's office or self-administer them at home. Even with self-administration of injections, you still need regular consultations with your doctor for monitoring.

Testosterone injections are generally safe. Like other medications, however, the injections trigger dangerous side effects in some people. The side effects can range from mild to dangerous ones. According to, you should seek urgent medical care if you experience the following side effects after a testosterone injection:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Pain in the arm or legs

Follow your doctor's advice, such as the frequency of the injections, to the letter to reduce the risk of side effects.


Topical medication for low testosterone also comes in the form of gels. The application of the gels also comes with specific instructions, which your doctor will convey to you. According to, here are some of the instructions to expect include:

  • Applying the gel on clean and dry skin
  • Allowing the gel to dry before covering the area
  • Avoiding cuts and bruises during application
  • Avoiding the pubic area during application

Your skin will absorb the testosterone in the gel. Again, you need regular monitoring by your doctor to ensure you are getting the right dosage of the hormone.

Testosterone treatment can be dangerous if misused. Store the medication in a safe and secure place where no one else can access it. Lastly, don't start any treatment before consulting a physician. 

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