Are Ethical Stem Cell Treatments Possible?

Stem cell therapy has been very promising since its inception, but many people took offense at it. Initially, many stem cells were taken from placentas and embryos, which people objected to. However, as time has gone on, new sources for stem cells that are more ethically pleasing have come to be discovered. Here's what you should know about them.

Where They Come From

If you're interested in stem cell therapy for yourself or a loved one, you should know that's exactly where the stem cells are likely to come from: the patient. Stem cells can be extracted from bone marrow and blood, meaning that a person can effectively donate stem cells to themselves. But if you already have the stem cells in your body, why do you even need a procedure to be performed?

How They're Utilized

Stem cells unfortunately don't go all over the body replacing everything they come across. For this to happen, doctors and scientists need to get involved.

After the stem cells are extracted from your body, they'll be effectively retooled to work the way that they need to by a scientist. By exposing the stem cells to tissue from the part of the body that needs repairs or support, the stem cells will start to transform themselves into whatever they come into contact with. As an added bonus, since your stem cells will be your own, there's no concerns regarding an immune system reaction, so you won't need to take medicine for that.


After your stem cells have been effectively reprogrammed, they can be added to the area that needs them. How this is done ultimately depends upon what's needed.

For example, for knee repairs, stem cells are generally injected directly into the cushioning of the knee that hides between the knee bones. This is done with anesthesia for comfort, but it's also a day procedure that will see you heading home right away once it's done.

More intensive procedures like using stem cells for organ health may require full-fledged surgery. In this case, you should expect to stay in the hospital at least overnight.

Stem cells are extremely promising for the future of health and science. If you've only held off on pursuing it because you were worried about the ethical connotations, then don't worry. Your stem cells will be your own and there will be no ethical concerns to worry over. Contact a doctor if you're interested in stem cell treatments.

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