Tips For Recovering From Ankle Surgery

If you have pain in your ankle due to an injury or arthritis and your doctor recommends surgery, you will need to prepare for it. You may be a bit concerned about how you will get through the surgery and also cope during your recovery. These are all valid concerns, fortunately, there are ways in which you can recover quickly. Here is a look at how to do it.

What Happens Before Surgery?

Before your surgery your surgeon will need to find out about your overall health. One of the major things that your doctor will want to know is the type of medication that you are on. If you are on any medication that will cause you to bleed excessively during surgery, your doctor will need to be told because it may become necessary to stop the medication.

Recovery Begins With Home Preparation

In order to recover as comfortably as possible, you will need to prepare your home ahead of time. You should remove things that may cause you to trip and fall in your home. This means you should remove furniture and power chords that may be in high traffic areas of your home. Buy a shower chair if necessary so that you can sit while you shower to take the pressure off your ankle.

You can also prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them so that you will be able to eat healthy foods. You will also need to get yourself some helpers, you must designate someone to drive you home after your surgery. You may also need someone to help you prepare your meals if you didn't prepare and freeze them ahead of time. Of course, all of this can be easy or hard depending on your current living situation.

Be Prepared to Be An Outpatient

Once you have finished your surgery you will be asked to come in periodically for your doctor to asses your progress. This is normal and it may continue for a while based on your current health. If you had stopped taking medication prior to the surgery during these visits, decisions will be made about when you should restart them.

Ankle surgery often becomes necessary if you have suffered an injury or have arthritis. It is understandable that you may be a little apprehensive about the surgery, but now that you are armed with information you are on your way to a successful surgery and recovery. Talk to your general surgeon about any concerns or questions you may have as well. 

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