Why A Covid-19 Test Is Important Even For Those Who Self-Alienated Very Soon

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, a growing number of people are getting tested. Unfortunately, a certain number of people who isolated early may have never gotten a test and don't even realize that they are asymptomatic. Therefore, a test is an important step to take. Even if these people find that they don't have Covid-19, a test can ensure that they know for sure.

Covid-19 Symptoms Can Be Low-Key

Those who took the coronavirus seriously the moment it hit the country may have alienated themselves and started working at home almost immediately. This step is a good one, particularly for those who otherwise have a very social life. However, they may have alienated themselves from getting tested and went home with the virus without even realizing that they caught it.

That's because a certain percentage of those who get this virus never report symptoms – or if they have any, they are mostly minor and consist of a sore throat, a fever, and some chills. Unfortunately, this means that they could be a hot bed for infection when they do leave their home, which makes getting a test at some point critical even for those who wisely socially-isolated early.

Why Covid-19 Testing is So Smart

The CDC currently states that not everybody needs to get tested for this condition. However, those who have spent most of the pandemic at home, testing may still not be a bad idea. That's because there's a high chance that this disease spread much further and faster than anybody anticipated. As a result, somebody who was traveling a lot before the shutdowns may have gotten the virus without realizing it.

And while it takes up two weeks to show symptoms – and a couple more weeks to recover from the virus – there's no evidence showing that people couldn't keep the virus longer. For example, a person who is spending time at home and who hasn't left their house may still have the coronavirus without realizing it and may end up spreading it unexpectedly when the country opens up again.

As a result, a test is a good idea even for those who aren't showing heavy symptoms. That said, it is wise not to rush the test because there may be others in the area who need the test sooner. But a test at some point is still important because only by increased testing can the disease be alienated, rooted out, and controlled until a vaccine is developed. Learn more about the importance of Covid-19 testing today. 

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