What To Expect When You Begin Low Testosterone Therapy

If you have been struggling with the effects of low testosterone for a while now, beginning low testosterone therapy can be life-changing. Your symptoms should subside, and your restored testosterone levels should help you to feel more like yourself again. That being said, you might be wondering what to expect as you begin this treatment. Here's a look.

You'll have a choice of application method.

If your doctor has not mentioned this to you yet, they will soon. You can choose how you want to apply or administer your testosterone. Many men choose a testosterone patch that slowly lets testosterone be absorbed through the skin a little at a time. There are also creams you can apply, which is a bit messier, but can be more discrete that wearing a patch. Some men prefer to take pills, and there are also testosterone implants that you can have placed beneath your skin. These implants give off hormones for several months, after which your doctor will replace them.

You might have to play with the dose a little.

Your doctor will choose your initial dose based on your blood levels of testosterone, but this is not an exact science. You will need to closely monitor how you feel during the first few months on testosterone. If you start experiencing symptoms of an elevated testosterone level, such as acne or aggression, your doctor will cut your dose back. If your low-testosterone symptoms seem to be lingering, your doctor may increase your dose.

You'll feel better quickly.

If your low testosterone symptoms included things like lost muscle mass or gynecomastia, you can expect those conditions to take a month or two to really start resolving. However, symptoms like low energy levels, irritability, and a lack of sex drive should start to fade within days when you start testosterone therapy. Make sure you do not stop using your testosterone supplement just because you feel better. Also, do not adjust the dose yourself in an attempt to feel better or ease symptoms faster. Talk to your doctor if you are not feeling better as soon as expected, or if symptoms like reduced muscle mass are not beginning to resolve within a few weeks.

Testosterone therapy will allow you to reclaim your life and your vibrancy after dealing with low-T. Talk to your doctor if you have any additional questions about low testosterone therapy, and they should be able to ease your concerns.

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