Treatment And Prevention Of Head Lice: What You Need To Know

Lice bugs don't care about how old you are, and they don't care if you live in an expensive home. Head lice can affect anyone, they can attach themselves no matter who you are, although it's more commonly seen in children. If your child has head lice and you've never had to deal with these bugs before, there are some things you should know, including how to get rid of them and ways to prevent this issue. Read on for helpful information.

Treatment Of Head Lice

Treat your child's hair with a head lice shampoo. You can find this type of shampoo at your local pharmacy. Follow the instructions on the bottle. If the shampoo doesn't come with a comb, you need to be sure you have one. A comb will help you comb through the hair to get the lice eggs. Wash your child's hair with the shampoo and comb through it to get all of the eggs removed. These eggs will be difficult to remove, as they are stuck to the hair shaft. The eggs look like tiny white dots on the hair strand. If you see any live bugs, remove them and kill them to prevent them from getting into your own hair or someone else's hair in your home. It's best to do the treatment process outside if at all possible. Make sure you wash all of your child's bedding, and place their pillows and stuffed animals in a sealed garbage bag for at least 24 hours to kill any lice that may be on these items. Vacuum your child's bed and empty the canister outside of your home.

Prevention Of Head Lice

Head lice can jump from one person to another, but it is usually spread thru the sharing of hats or pillows. If your child has is staying the night at someone else's home, be sure they are taking their own pillow and blanket with them. Remind your child not to share hats or other hair accessories such as hair ties or hair bows. If you are still washing your child's hair, be sure you are scrubbing the scalp well and combing through the hair strands. Keep an eye out for head lice when washing and combing your child's hair. If your child is washing his/her own hair, you should teach your child how to scrub their own scalp and you should also make sure to look often for head lice. 

If your child is itching their head often, it could be head lice. Letting the head lice get out of hand can affect a number of children at your child's school. If you suspect your child has head lice, treat it right away, or visit a pediatrician for help.

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