Tips For CPAP Patients With Beards

For patients with respiratory problems, a CPAP machine can be essential for allowing them to comfortably breathe while they are sleeping. Unfortunately, patients with beards may find that their CPAP machine is not providing them with the type of results that were expected.

How Can A Beard Impair The Effectiveness Of A CPAP Machine?

One of the primary ways that a beard can impair a CPAP machine will be by breaking the seal between the mask and the skin. This can allow the pressurized air from the CPAP machine to escape before it enters the patient's lungs. While you may assume that only those with very long beards will experience this problem, it can be possible for men with almost any amount of facial hair to eventually encounter this problem with their CPAP machine. Sadly, individuals may not be aware of this issue until their breathing problem has started to deteriorate or has failed to improve. Luckily, it is not necessary to shave your beard in order to use your CPAP machine as there are high-quality beard sealants that you can apply to the hair along the seal of the mask.

Will CPAP Beard  Sealant Leave Behind A Greasy Residue?

While a CPAP beard sealant can be extremely effective at reducing the performance problems that a beard can cause for a CPAP machine, individuals may be worried about this sealant leaving behind a greasy residue that will be difficult to remove. However, this sealant will be water-soluble, which will make it very easy for you to wash off during your shower or bath in the mornings. When applying this sealant, you will want to thoroughly follow the directions as applying too much of it can make it take longer to remove.

Are There Limits To The Length Of The Beard That Will Work With Beard Sealant?

While beard sealants can be extremely effective, you may find that they work best with shorter beards, rather than longer and thicker beards. In most cases, these sealants will be effective as long as the beard is less than a couple of inches in length. If the beard hairs are much longer than this, they will have difficulty fitting under the mask. As such, some men will find that they may have little choice other than to at least trim their beard in order for it to be short enough to be compatible with beard sealants and CPAP systems.

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