Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy Have A Positive Effect?

If you are a man who is experiencing some fatigue and other new symptoms, your doctor may test you for low testosterone. This is especially true if you are getting older. And, while a moderate decrease in your testosterone may not warrant treatment, a larger dip may mean that you need some hormone replacement therapy. You may be wondering what the benefits may be of going through the treatment.

Increased Bone Density

Women are far more prone to osteoporosis than men are. This has a lot to do with the many hormone differences that exist between men and women. While estrogen is helpful in maintaining bone density, testosterone is what helps men retain their bone strength. So, you can actually retain bone thickness if you decide to take a testosterone replacement. 

Bone density helps to prevent fractures and falls. It also ensures that you have the strength and structure for bulky muscles. And, when the bones are dense, you do not have to worry about a reduction in your height. This is a common issue since the vertebrae start developing small fractures that allow for disintegration and compression.

When bones are healthy, your body will also be able to produce blood cells normally. Red blood cell production is significantly influenced by bone health, and these cells also are amplified in number when testosterone levels are within the normal range. This means minimizing your anemia risk and being able to supply your organs and muscles with the oxygen they need.

Increased Sex Drive

Testosterone is a sex hormone that surges in the body during the adolescent years. It is responsible for the increased sex drive at this age, and the sudden drop in the hormone may be the reason why you feel no desire to have sex. You may also notice that you have a difficult time achieving an erection and that erections do not occur spontaneously or as often as they once did. In addition to this, you may experience a lower sperm production, which can interfere with your ability to have children. 

Testosterone replacement can help to increase sex drive, allow for more erections, and increase your ability to conceive. This can greatly assist with your self-esteem if these are some of the issues you are experiencing.

And, you should know that low testosterone can lead to depression. So, increasing the sex hormone can help to resolve some of the emotional issues you have.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers hormone replacement therapy.

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