Why You Should Not Be Nervous About A Root Canal Procedure

If you learn you need a root canal, your initial reaction may be negative. Many people are fearful of going to the dentist, but can even be more nervous when they get the news they need a root canal. Root canals have a poor reputation of being painful and invasive. In reality, root canals are a very easy and straightforward procedure to repair a tooth. The following are some reasons why you should not be fearful and nervous about getting a root canal:

The Procedure Is Similar to Other Basic Dental Procedures

A root canal is a rather simple procedure, thanks to the advances in dental technology. The dentist will numb your mouth and place a rubber piece in your mouth to help keep it open and the tooth dry. After you are numb, the dentist will drill into the tooth much like they would when you get a filling. At that point, the damaged and diseased material is removed, filled with some special material, and prepared for a crown to protect the tooth underneath.

If you have ever had a filling or other routine dental procedure, you should be able to get through a root canal with few issues.

The Root Canal Can Be Done in One Day

When you think about root canals, you probably have visions of sitting in a dentist's chair for hours and going to many appointments to finish the procedure. Root canals can take several hours to complete, but they can be done in one day. Unless your tooth is in terribly poor condition, you should get through the process within a few hours. The only delay you may encounter is waiting for a crown to be prepared. Dental practices that do not have a lab onsite may have to send off for the crown. In that case, you would have to return to have the crown placed.

You Can Keep Your Natural Tooth

If at all possible, you should do all you can to avoid losing a tooth. A root canal can do that. The goal is to clean out the bad part of the tooth but retain as much material as possible as well as the nerves and roots. Losing a permanent tooth to decay can be more problematic than the root canal procedure.

If you are nervous about root canals, talk to your dentist about how you feel. They may have be able to help calm you prior to the procedure by prescribing some medication to ease your anxiety.

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